Sunday, 22 June 2014

OMM (on my mind) - Sales ! ! !

Boxing day has just passed and of course I had to take advantage of the sales not only in-store, but online also! It made me dive deeper and deeper into thought, here's what I have to say:

My "budgeting/sale hunting" is very renown within my household, I always get over excited and go "Guess how much I got this for?!" (holds up new item of whatever*) and the response is almost always $5 or $2 no matter what the heck i'm holding up hahaha. I am the classic 'cheap skate' .My mum has told me to start buying decent stuff for myself, to which I have. . . But I think I am going totally overboard with that sentence. I see too much 'decent' stuff now and have mini wars in my head battling if I should or shouldn't. My mind also likes to pull the line, "but you deserve it." which usually pushes me over. Only recently have I become more mellow with my spending.

Anywho , to the topic of sales!
I love them! hahaha I must admit, it feels good to buy something full priced once in a while. Just makes me feel somewhat more of a human. I dont know why, so dont ask LOL. In short, I LOVE sales, who doesn't? If you can purchase clothing/items which have just as much use as they did full priced then why miss the offer. I am not a shopoholic, I am a dreamer, which I class as a person who opens tabs and tabs of clothing boutiques filling up the cart with EVERYTHING beautiful , only to exit the website purchasing nothing. Hopefully i'm not the only one who does that haha. It's like I spend such a long time filling up my cart that my brain has had time to click over and say "NO, you don't need these!" Which for my pocket is a good thing .

Whenever I shop online I always check the sale page first and STILL set the order from lowest to highest in prices. I'm not really a 'branded' person, when I shop I try to get more for my money. Now there is the whole thing of 'quality over quantity' thing but my mind just wants more. However, I don't consider myself to be greedy. If I could get 3 pairs of cheap, nice looking shoes I would definitely choose them over one $60 pair of shoes. Now to some $60 is nothing, but to me it is a hella lot of money. So perhaps that is why I prefer to get more out of my money? Hmm this whole post writing thing really making me understand myself a bit more LOL oh well, yea, I think that's all I have to share with you humans today :) Shop your little hearts out whether its sale sections or full priced goodies. Go for gold!

Thanks for reading if you did or thanks for viewing this page .

Lea GJ