Wednesday, 25 December 2013

This is me

I suppose I should begin with a 20 facts about me tag, just to get the ball rolling. :)

1. My name is Lea-Gabrielle Johnson
2. I live in New Zealand
3. I am writing this on Christmas evening.
4. Currently getting excited over GLOWSTICKS! ahh
5. I am super dooper excited to begin posting regularly :3
6. I have a cat named Jaffa.
7. Hopefully in 2014 I'll be studying business at Uni. Fingers crossed I get in :)
8. I play the piano and guitar.
9. When online shopping I always put everything I want in the cart, stare at it for a bit, then exit. LOL
10. I love to run!
11. I am an impulsive buyer. (My sisters judgement, and I cannot deny it ;) haha)
12. This tag is harder than I thought, thankgoodness I didn't do 50 facts!
13. Birthday:August 7th 1995. (Tell me your bdays in the comments, I LOVE finding b'day twins :3)
14. My all time favourite food is PASTA! Put a plate in front of me and I guarantee it'll be gone.
15. I love making people laugh and smile :) I live off it.
16. Demi Lovato is truly my biggest rolemodel and a definite inspiration for me everyday.
17. One of my goals is to live until I reach 100 years.
18. I have known my best friend for 8 years.
19. I love the beach, but cannot swim. It's the whole environment, vibe, and memories that I love. <3
20. I love SOCKS! ! hahahaha (don't even ask XD I'll redo this tag, further down the line:) x

We'll thats my introduction for this blog. Happy holidays! Happy New Year! I'll talk to you guys some more soon :D x